About us

Welcome to a truly independent organisation. Here’s our vision of a better music industry.


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The independent music scene has experienced an enormous growth over the past few years and the opportunities for independent artists are now endless. So why support the major labels and media conglomerates with your art and music?

Releaseityourself.com is a service provided by ALOADED, the independent digital distributor for modern indie labels. We stand up for great music. We are the reaction to the music industry being concentrated in the hands of three (3) major corporations. We are 100% independent, meaning no major corporations are involved at any stage. We keep the game fair and democratic — and we're open for everyone.

We are the fans. The followers. The ones at the front-row on your gig. The ones who always click 'like' on your updates. The ones who generate your streaming numbers, buy your records and share your playlists. We are the fans of a vibrant and generous music climate. We are the future of a great career in music.

Members of our team entered the music industry in the early 00s, a time when major corporations spent more time and money on suing fans and consumers; than on signing new artists or finding solid business models. We entered the music industry from a different perspective: we were music fans first – industry and business people second. Since, we have spent many hours working for true change. This service is a step in that direction.


We get your music live on all platforms. We let you take control over your music. We help you find new opportunities that will boost your career. We upload your music to +200 music stores and streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Youtube Music, Tidal, Amazon and all the rest. With us you get professional distribution, yet you stay independent and open for opportunities.

We develop artists. We offer a wide range of services that will help you find a wider audience. Depending on your specific needs we have collected tools and insights that will help you create a solid career in a demanding musical landscape. Whether it be distribution, production, PR, artwork, marketing or music videos — we offer help and guidance for everyone. We want to make all the corners of the music industry accessible to everyone.

We get you connected. With direct access to many of the most interesting labels and A&Rs around the world, we help artists get in touch with the right people. We also offer help from our network of professional creatives and music business people.