FAQ for Artists

Where will my music be available? 
Everywhere! We distribute your music worldwide to all digital music stores and streaming services by default. Here's the list of our connected services & stores.

Territories: Can I upload my music only to a specific territory or store?
Yes. If you want to exclude specific territories or services, let us know in the upload process. 

When is my release live on Spotify/Apple Music etc.? 
On your release date. Or if you have chosen 'Immediate delivery' often within a 2-5 days (Please note: All music services will make it available as soon as they can, in some cases it's live within 24 hours, in some cases, and usually the case with smaller less known stores, it could take a week or two). To make sure it's available to your fans on your release date, pick a date that is at least 14 days ahead of the uploading date. During Christmas and other holidays, some services normally need a few days extra. 

Where do I upload my music?
In our upload form, here.

What do I need to upload a complete release? 
Your master files, a cover and the metadata. You will also need a UPC/EAN code for the release and an ISRC code for all the tracks (don't worry, we can create those for you, see below).

Master files: In what format should the Audio Masters be?
Format: WAV.files only. All audio files uploaded to us must be WAV files with .wav extension. No MP3s. The files must be in stereo and 16 bits per sample. Minimum sampler rate is 44.1 kHz. Name the files "01_track_name.wav", "02_track_name.wav", etc.

Artwork: In what format should the Cover artwork be?
You will need a cover for your release. It should be in the jpg-format. The recommended size is 3000 x 3000 pixels (do not make it smaller than 1500 x 1500 px or larger than 6000 x 6000 px.). The artwork cannot contain any URLs, any pornographic material, social media logos, iTunes/Spotify logos or blurry or pixelated images as a result of low quality. Make sure you have all necessary rights to the artwork and photos before uploading your cover.

UPC & ISRC: Do I really need a UPC code and ISRC codes?
Yes, but we can create them for you. All digital releases must have a UPC code (or EAN number) to identify the release, and all tracks on the release must have unique ISRC codes to identify the songs. All stores, radio stations and collecting societies use these codes. If you do not have the codes upon uploading – don't worry, you can still get your music online in the stores. (We'll create the codes for you and subtract a small fee from your future royalties, see our Terms & Conditions for further information).

I'm an artist — do I need to have a label as well? 
No, you can release your music as a band or solo artists. No need for a label. 

What happens with my copyrights? 
Nothing happens with your copyrights – you keep 100% of your ownership rights and copyrights to your recordings. 

What happens with my music after 1 year?
It will still be available, don't worry about any down-time. The fee is a yearly cost, that needs to be renewed every year but we know your fans expect your music to always be online and available. To avoid take-downs of your releases, we automatically renew your subscription each year. You will need to renew your subscription to receive royalties.

Can I upload my music to other distributors as well?
No, and why should you :) We deliver your music everywhere and more versions of the same tracks will only make the music stores and the fans confused. 

Royalties: What percentage do I get? 
You as an artist/band receive 100% of Net Revenues – meaning the revenues received from our distribution partners, less taxes and administrative fees. The revenue for each 'play' or download differ between the services all the time, so it's impossible to say in advance how much a play or a download is worth. One thing is sure though: it all adds up and many artists receive large payouts. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

Delete release: How do I do a takedown and delete my release? 
If you want to stop your subscription and take down your music from the music stores, simply send us an email and we will take it down and end your account asap. support@releaseityourself.com

Update release: Can I update my release? 
If you want to update a release and change the metadata or any of the files you have submitted? Simply send us an email and we will make it our priority. There is a small admin fee of 5 euro per updated release. support@releaseityourself.com

Statements & payouts: How do I receive my royalties?
We send statements for all uploaded releases twice a year by default. Once the royalties have been credited to your ARTISTS Account, you will be able to request a payout to your bank account. This usually does not take more than a few days.



Need more help? support@releaseityourself.com